What’s Your Cup of Tea?

12 Dec 2022 | Sumqayit

Recently Year 8 (Russian stream) students of Sumgait Dunya School have had an amazing tea party at their English class. The goal «to mix business with pleasure» was reached with flying colours! The students were given a task to search for tea ceremonies around the world and present them in the most amazing way with colourful illustrations and sapid facts. And to tell the truth, the journey they went to, exploring various cultures and their tea traditions, was meaningful, informative and very illuminating. Tracking the students’ path in the «tea world» one could stop in Britain with its typical afternoon tea, remember «Mad Tea Party» from «Alice and Wonderland». The other stop was in Asia: China and Japan with their famous tea drinking customs, being a blend of different Eastern philosophies and searching for piece and harmony. The students were glad to tell the history of Russian tea drinking, with the brewing process and a savomar as its significant parts. Certainly, Azerbaijanian national traditions of tea drinking were not forgotten. The students mentioned that drinking tea has evolved into a social ceremony. Tea is drunk at every family celebration or get-togethers. It is also a fundamental part of hospitality to offer guests tea. So the «business» part was extremely exciting, full of discussions, expressing opinions and learning a lot.

So, after all, would it be possible not to follow Mad Hatter’s steps? Guess it! A little tea will never hurt, surely? Therefore, the fruitful lesson finished with drinking lovely tea. The students realized one more time that tea is much more than just a hot beverage but also a great social phenomenon!!