The 75th anniversary of the prominent Azerbaijani scholar and public figure, professor Hamlet Isakhanli.

20 Feb 2023 | Baki

Dunya IB School recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of the prominent Azerbaijani scholar and public figure, doctor of physics and mathematical sciences, professor, poet, writer, founder of Khazar University, and Co-Founder of Dunya School Hamlet Isakhanli. The event was filled with music, art, and intellectual discussions.

The celebration began with a performance by the Cadenza Orchestra who played "Arazbari," composed by Uzeyir Hajibeyov. This was followed by a beautiful song titled "I Didn't Understand This World," composed of the words of Hamlet Isakhanli by Zarif Karimova, a teacher at the Dunya IB School and the Azerbaijan National Conservatory. The singer Kamala Ahmadova gave a powerful performance of the song.

During the event, Hamlet Isakhanli's recently published book, "My Karabakh or Karabakh Knot" was also highlighted. The hosts, Elchin Hasanov and Fidan Bayramova, briefly discussed the book which offers a plethora of thought-provoking topics for Azerbaijani and Armenian readers to consider. Farah Rasulzada, a student of the IB School, performed a beautiful song about Karabakh with dancers from the PYP.

The celebration also included a moving musical composition titled "It's Beautiful," which featured lyrics by Hamlet Isakhanli and music by Nailakhanim Isayeva. The composition was performed by Zarif Karimova and Nargiz Aliyeva on the flute and piano.

In addition to the musical performances, a panel discussion on the philosophy of education was led by a group of students. The panelists, which included Azer Mammadzada, Amina Rahmanova, Asmar Khasmammadli, Nuraddin Mehdiyev, and moderator Javad Aslanov, explored various perspectives on the purpose and meaning of education.

Overall, the celebration was a fitting tribute to the life and work of Hamlet Isakhanli, showcasing his contributions to Azerbaijani culture and education.